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60minute-Seder...The Complete Family Haggadah!
They did it AGAIN! Written by the Seder mavens that brought you the best-selling 30minute-Seder™, this unique Haggadah has the look and feel of a glossy, high-style magazine. 60minute-Seder™ contains all 15 parts of the Seder and presents the Passover story in dramatic fashion with gorgeous full-page illustrations, just enough Hebrew, and Seder songs. Rabbinically approved, 60minute-Seder™ engages the entire family for a truly memorable Passover experience. But don't just take our word for it. Click here to see how gorgeous this 60minute-Seder Haggadah really is.

Why 60minute-Seder?  Because we listened to your feedback!
After selling more than 350,000 30minute-Seder™ haggadot in 10 years, we've received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. Of course, there has been some constructive criticism along the way as well. One of the common threads was that 30 minutes was simply too short for some family members who wanted just a little bit more. The fact that we billed 30minute-Seder™ as "The Haggadah That Blends Brevity With Tradition" forced us to touch only on the highlights of the Seder. Expanding to 60 minutes has enabled us to include all 15 parts of the Seder for a complete Passover experience. The after dinner prayers are now included as well as a more detailed account of the compelling story of the 10 plagues. The larger format of this book makes it easier to read and is the perfect canvas for the beautiful illustrations contained within. The concise instructions make it a breeze for anyone to host whether it's your first or fiftieth Seder. Of course, just like it's sister book, 60minute-Seder™ is also available as an instant "print your own" download. We're sure you'll enjoy our new Haggadah!

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