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Seder Quiz Answers:

1. We're not supposed to eat bread on Passover because...
answer: A - Because it's chametz

2. Who could interpret dreams and helped save Egypt from famine?
answer: D - Joseph

3. The 3 symbols of Passover are Pesach, matzah, and...
answer: D - Maror

4. What was the name of Moses mother?
answer: B - Yocheved

5. Where did Moses first hear God's voice?
answer: C - At the burning bush

6. Which is not part of the Seder plate?...
answer: C - Matzah

7. What do we call the blessing over bread?
answer: B - Motzi

8. The word "seder" means...
answer: C - Order

9. Which is not one of the four children?
answer: B - Silly

10. The first plague God brought forth was...
answer: D - Blood


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